Friday, October 30, 2009

Is this the most expensive smoking shelter in the country?

Anyone who is a smoker will have experienced the joy of working in an office and, thanks to the laws on what constitutes an "enclosed space", having to pop outside into half a shed for a quick cigarette in the rain.

You get them at pubs too, complete with heaters, never more than three sides, and always a gap at the top before the roof so it complies with a silly and poorly written law.

Well the good news is that our Lords and Masters in Parliament are getting one too. The smoking shelter will be put in between Portcullis House and Norman Shaw North, and will provide MPs and their little minions the ability for a quick fag in between signing their receipts and the other work they do each day.

The cost for this shed to the public purse you ask? £49,000. That's not a typo, it really is forty-nine thousand pounds.

Yes, yes, I know, you can buy a smoking shelter to hold 12 people for as little as £3,500, but these are important people remember, they deserve better right? Anyway, why let cost get in the way when it's not your money that you're spending?
Hat Tip: Croydonian

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