Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tory domain squats on Harriet and Huhne?

Should the rumours that Harriet Harman is push-polling against Brown and mobilsing, perhaps she might want to look at getting her domain names sorted in preparation too? She currently runs her site from harrietharman.org and harrietharman.org.uk. However, harrietharman.com is for sale.

She could try and get harrietharman.co.uk though which currently looks like.... errr..... this.

Yes, that is Chris Huhne. If you're wondering, it doesn't redirect to his real site, rather it goes to chrishuhne.co.uk.

Both domains are owned by a guy called Andrew Rossell who lives in Beaconsfield. This may or may not be the same Andrew Rossell that is a researcher for the Conservative Friends of Bangladesh and looks after their website which was also registered in errrr... Beaconsfield.

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