Monday, September 28, 2009

Might my warped sense of humour have got the better of me?

Oh dear, what might I have done? Back in April, at the height of the expenses scandal, some may remember that Gordon Brown put a video on YouTube. When this appeared I posted saying he looked bonkers and was "bouncing about like fucking Tigger.".

The following day, I was working from home and I was listening to Nirvana's Nevermind, and in particular the track "Lithium". I had what I considered to be a flash of brilliance and posted this which took the piss out of Brown and suggested that he was on lithium.

In June, I then posted this which made a joke about ecstasy and said "Perhaps this explains the manic gurning and smiles in his YouTube videos. He's been off his box on pills!".

I mention this because I've just had a conversation with a Guardian journalist who is researching the genesis of the "Brown is on medication" rumour which appeared here and Guido linked too after Matthew Norman in the Independent picked up on it.

The Guardian hack asked me, and this is no word of lie, whether my posts about tablets contained some sort of subliminal hidden knowledge about the rumour. As I said to him then, and I'm saying now should anyone suggest otherwise.

It was a joke.

Quite a funny one in my opinion I have to say. After all, Gordon Brown, when he does his YouTube videos, does look like he's on something. Bouncing around, smiling at the wrong time, licking his lips etc. If he had chewing gum and a bottle of water in his hand he wouldn't look that out of place in a rave.

Just wanted to clear that up in case I find my rather warped, yet thoroughly unique sense of humour, blamed for starting something. I severely doubt I have that much influence though.

Update: Krishnan Guru-Murphy has interviewed John Ward about his post.

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