Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Fox News presenter target of SEO/viral type smear?

Last month, as was well over-hyped by the media and twittering twats like John Prescott, the NHS was the subject of much discussion, especially in the US. One of the American hosts that came under a lot of flack for his comments on the NHS was Fox News' Glenn Beck.

Beck interview Dan Hannan, leading to the furore around Hannan, and general screaming and shouting about what an idiot Glenn Beck is, and how he was constantly smearing the much-cherished, loved and holy sacred cow that is the National Health Service.

I was thus amused to find that yesterday a reverse attack site about Glenn Beck called "" was created. I think it's meant to be a satire on that style of news reporting which demands evidence that things didn't happen and thus insinuates it did because evidence is not forthcoming.

What is quite interesting though is how, if you follow some of the links, the phrase "Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990" is consistently being used. The creators couldn't be trying to do a bit of Search Engine Optimisation perhaps - taking satire to the level of smear - and making them just as bad as they consider Beck to be, could they?

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