Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brown takes on the BNP by adopting their policies

It's interesting to note that yesterday, Gordon Brown praised Harriet Harman and said that there should be no place in British politics for the BNP - which got masses of applause - and then proceeded to push proposals for what have been described as 'gulags for slags', or my own choice 'slut reception centres' which will deal with teenage mothers.

The policy got a massive round of applause too from the audience, yet I wonder whether they're aware, as revealed by Guido, that just like "British Jobs for British Workers" a year ago, this shiny 'new' policy is also straight out of the BNP policy handbook?

Is this what Brown meant when he said he would take the fight to the BNP and squeeze them out of the British democratic process? To scream and shout about what vicious ignorant bastards they are and then lift their phrases and push their policies as dog whistles to snare back the voters that have left them for the BNP?

Can you imagine what Labour would have said if a Tory stood up next week and proposed this for teenage mothers? There would have been consternation and outrage.

In the cold light of day this morning, I expect we'll see yet more of this speeches' policy announcements and statements pulled apart. Whether it's shifting figures by 100,000; offering "change" by saying he would have policies from the 1997 manifesto' or proposing "change" by re-announcing policies or taking from those he says he despises. The speech was full of holes.

It's going to be an interesting few months to May.

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