Monday, August 10, 2009

When will the other papers follow?

I see Guido has spotted that the Independent has launched an iPhone app. One of the good things the Indy app does is download the entire content of the paper as soon as it launches so you can read it whilst offline.

I have no idea if they have plans for an Android version, but the Telegraph could learn from the Indy with their Android app. Currently it does not do the offline reading aspect which can be quite annoying sometimes, nor do they include the op-eds.

It's only a matter time now before a number of other phone manufacturers start producing Android devices, and I wouldn't be surprised if soon there will only be three phone OS's on the market, Android across the Sony, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG ranges; Blackberry; and finally iPhone on iPhone alone.

Given the Telegraph and Independent have taken the plunge into the market, how long before all the other papers follow suit and start making their content more mobile friendly?

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