Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's oh so quiet shhhhhhh!

As much as I stand behind the comment I made the other day that I'm sure there is more to the release of Al Megrahi than meets they - basically for those who missed the implication in my original post, I thought it likely we had cut a deal on lovely dark black stuff in return for his release - which isn't a bad thing per se (oooh did I really just say that?). I do find it staggering that Brown has gone to ground and won't even comment on the release.

The line that Brown is bound by the constitutional settlement which means Scotland can act independently is astoundingly funny as well, because what he's essentially saying is "this is a matter for Scotland not the UK", which would mean anything he did say had bugger all constitutional relevance and would merely be an opinion. Staying quiet doesn't exactly lend well either to the talk of a trade deal.

The FCO and the like can deny it all they like, but the longer Brown stay quiet, the more people will start to think that a deal for black gold has been done, leading to the inevitable cries of "for shame" rather than the more realistic "well there's an energy crisis, it will run out one day, we could do with securing the stuff at a price" (oops I did it again).

Of course, more crucially because of Brown's silence, he has pushed himself into corner where no matter what he does he looks like a complete tit. On the one hand if he remains silent, and then praises the Ashes win by letter, he looks weak because he's not even willing to express an opinion. On the other hand, if he now does say something he will be portrayed as weak and lacking leadership because he is just reacting to media pressure.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, even if he did a cut a deal for a commodity that one day soon will be rarer and rarer.

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