Thursday, August 20, 2009

The cost of Communities clipart

Should anyone ever be wondering what a snapshot cost of all those fancy clipart logos for policy initiatives cost, then here are some figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government on what it spent on logos.

Homebuy: Gordon Brown's very own sub-prime 100% mortgage lending scheme.
Cost: £21,090 excl. VAT

HIPs: Meaningless documents that no one pays attention too.

Cost: £22,000 excl. VAT

Summit 2005: Three day meeting hosted by John Prescott.
Cost: £15,000 excl. VAT

National Housing and Planning Advice Unit: Quango you've never heard of that spends about a million and half a year.

Cost: £10,000 excl. VAT

Communitybuilders: £70 million giveaway.

Cost: £25,000 excl. VAT

Interim DCLG logo: This was the logo the department had when it first appeared. It's just text with some bold and a solid line.

Cost: £3,830 excl. VAT

Actual DCLG logo: "The brand" as it were.

Cost: £24,764.99 excl. VAT

Code for Sustainable Homes: Logo for documents about building houses that don't fall down.

Cost: £7,260 excl. VAT

There we have it, £103,944.99 on clipart in just one department.

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