Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clinton compares US democracy to Nigerian corruption?

It would appear that Hilary Clinton, US Secertary of State, has made another of those things in politics that get called "gaffes". Earlier in the week she got angry with a student mentioning her husband, now she appears to have compared the US 2000 Presidential election to Nigerian political corruption.

In a speech in Nigeria, she started musing upon how America has it's problems with democracy just like Nigeria does, and went on to say that the 2000 election was decided in one state (Florida) where the eventual winner's brother was the Governor of the state.

Now, as much as I love hanging chad scandals, it's a bit odd for the Secretary of State to be musing in a way that effectively suggest that Jeb Bush was somehow corrupt in the election of George W Bush.

Has she forgotten that the Supreme Court decided the result?
Thanks to Cheryl at Sky for sending me the video code

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