Sunday, August 23, 2009

The booze cruise is doomed?

According to a report in the Grocer and reported by the Mail on Sunday, booze is so cheap in UK supermarkets it spells the end of the traditional booze cruise to France.

Well, I'm off to Calais next weekend as it happened on a booze cruise because I refuse to pay the supermarket prices here. Admittedly the report says that "middle class wine drinkers" are still going to France, and I am going to buy wine, but it won't be posh, it will be plonk.

The fact is though, if you go to Calais to buy beer, then you have to shop around properly. Don;t go to Tesco or Sainsbury for a start, go to Carriefour. The place itself stinks for some reason, but you can pick up plenty of the stumpy type beer are rock bottom prices.

The booze cruise is far from dead though, and you can tell that by the number of people you see on the crossing to France that you also see on the crossing back a few hours later. If you go to France and just buy what you would in the UK then yes, it's probably not worth it.

However, if you go there with a plan, take the time to find what you like and weigh up the prices, you can save massive amounts of money still.

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