Friday, July 24, 2009

Salvia for sale on Amazon

No surprise really but it appears you can purchase Salvia - the fiercely hallucinogenic,rip you out of reality as the ground turns into a hole and spacemen appear to talk to you, plant - on Amazon (via the Marketplace natch). Interestingly its in the kitchen and home section.

I've posted about Salvia a few times before. It's not a controlled substance at the moment but there are some who fear it is becoming too popular and being used recreationally.

Personally speaking I think anyone who thinks you can recreationally use salvia is tripping as much as someone that shoves it in a bong and takes a hit.

No doubt it's presence on Amazon will make some people panic even more about the possibility of teenagers laying on their bedroom floor for 15 minutes whilst doing a spot of astral travelling.
Via Rob Manuel

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