Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pandemic threat as 'Jonah Curse' goes airborne

It has this morning been confirmed that the 'Jonah Curse of Gordon Brown™' has - as was feared by many - mutated into an airborne pathogen.

Within hours of the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change announcing 400,000 new "green" jobs, Britain’s biggest employer in the green energy industry, Vestas, announced it was to cease production with more than 600 job losses by the end of the month.

An expert at the US Center for Disease Control said:
"This was our biggest fear. We knew that the Jonah Curse of Gordon Brown had the potential to mutate and start infecting those closest too him. We had hoped that it might not happen so quickly. We've now raised our alert level as we fear a pandemic domino affect my happen, and the recent G8 Summit has raised serious concerns in the Pentagon
No one from Downing Street was available for comment.
'Jonah Curse of Gordon Brown'™ Guido Fawkes

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