Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lobbying for votes for someone else....

Total Politics magazine, to which I have contributed a few times, is running its best political blogs poll again this year. In recent years I have not posted about the poll because I've not really been interested in doing the whole lobbying for votes thing.

This year is "technically" the same. Who you vote for in your top ten is up to you, whether you vote for me is up to you and it's no skin off my nose if you don't.

However, I also know that this poll annoys certain other political bloggers because it's considered horribly biased towards right wing blogs. These are the same bloggers who say that Total Politics isn't politically neutral because it is funded by Lord Ashcroft. Clearly they've never read it.

So, as I say I am posting about the poll this year not to whore votes for myself but to annoy Tim Ireland who has a bee in his bonnet because people voted for him last year but he didn't want to be included in the poll.

Of you go and vote here. Remember to vote for Bloggerheads just to annoy him!

Update: It may have taken over 48 hours, but just like with fishing, you have to be patient for the bite. Too easy.

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