Friday, June 19, 2009

What do you do when your BT account is in credit?

Well they may have censored redacted the MPs expenses, but it doesn't stop you figuring stuff out. Take Vera Baird MPs receipts. Throughout the Additional Cost Allowance claims she submitted a value of £17 for telephone usage with BT (there is also one claim where she requested £24). Yet, also throughout the receipts she submites the BT bill and everytime it has exactly the same figure on it.

So, her account was in credit by £87.95, consistently in fact. So why was she still claiming for the money each month and not getting BT to use the credit balance? After all, that balance is taxpayers money sitting in BT's bank account.

On the more amsuing side she spent our money on bathroom lightbulbs, masking tape, paintbrush, varnishing of doors, along with £4570 on distressed look Toulouse oak furniture. Nice!

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