Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ministry of Justice pulls prison newspaper after complaints from Imams

The Ministry of Justice has, so it seems, ordered HM Prison Services to take all copies of the lag newspaper "Inside Time" away from prisoners and forced the publisher to remove from its a website, a satirical article by a prisoner called "Angry Andy" because it upset the sensitivities of Muslim prisoners and received complaints from Imams.

The article, which carried a picture of a pig with a beard, basically says that pig flu was a botched terrorist attempt in Osama bin Laden's global "war on pork", because its a well known fact he and the Taliban are prejudiced against the West's vast population of "porkers" (I thought this bit was quite a funny dig at fat seppos, but there ya go).

The news has been put on Wikileaks here where you can also download the not that funny, but not really that offensive either article.
Hat Tip: JailhouseLawyer

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