Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Help write a concession speech for Brown

Now that it is an established fact, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Gordon Brown is a liar - and also putting aside the fact that when he lies about public spending he makes a complete idiot of himself - I've been wondering about how he will react on the night of the General Election if he is, as many expect, utterly annihilated at the polls.

What would be in a Brown concession speech? Would he even give one? Would it be full of yet more lies about how he'd been the one that saved Britain and that we were all going to Hell in a handcart now that we'd been stupid enough to elect the Tories into power? Would he resign his leadership or desperately battle on saying only he was the "man with the plan" and then be humiliated some more?

So here's a nice little collective ideas for those who read this blog. Let's write him a concession speech and then post it off to him at Downing Street. Ideas and snippets of possible words in the comments. Remember though, let's try and write a speech that is authentically Brown in style. Things like "I'm a one-eyed dickhead and I throw mobile phones around" isn't going to do.

I'm thinking of things like: "Tonight, the British people have shown their faith in me by re-electing me to my constituency seat." So basically where he tries to spin or obfuscate is utterly humiliation by pretending its not his fault. He'll probably blame to "meeja" too, along with meddlesome bloggers.

I bet none of you buggers will have any ideas!

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