Monday, June 29, 2009

Brown's elbow confused as to what arse is doing in relaunch

Hilarious. The new Building Britain's Future plan has a handy download (no longer working but see below) containing the following "key deliverables" (quoted verbatim natch!).
  • £1.2 billion support for affordable housing to buy and rent [TBD]
  • [Launch of new £xm Innovation Fund]
  • Free entitlement to 15 hours of high-quality early education every week for every 3 and 4 year old [check]
  • London G20 deliverables [to add]
Does that install faith in you that Brown has a plan? Thought not. Even his own policy is not sure what it is about.

Just in case they fix it and realise what the arse is telling the elbow to do, the original they uploaded is here for your enjoyment and amusement

UPDATE: As expected, the link to the document is no longer working. Lucky I grabbed a copy huh?
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