Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Apologies for the lack of posting today. Other things happening. However, here a few things that might amuse. Click the screenshot image and read what it says in the pop up box. Only Widnows could do that!

Also, if you're ever bored then Lamebook will surely provide amusement.

Alternatively, have a look at forty people wearing t-shirts they shouldn't be.

Or why not have a look at some silly street names. "Dumb Womans Lane" realyl does exist, its in East Sussex. And finally, here is an exclusive picture of Nick Griffin's pet cat, Adolf.


Not a sheep said...

The trouble is that there is someone, maybe whole swathes of people, at Microsoft who will explain why that message makes sense and is a "security feature".

Sam Duncan said...

No, the trouble is that there will be some user of MS Windows who'll claim that it makes sense and is a security feature.

AEG said...

...and on a related note, www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com.

Unknown said...

Did you notice Bill Bailey in the "40 People wearing t-shirts they shouldn't" link?

Cinnamon said...

I was looking for Nick Griffin's Hamster Curry recipe collection, you didn't happen to come across that somewhere?

Love the Kitler!

On a more serious note, tell me why at the moment I should bother doing business with anyone but a WASP? Because they are the only people I can be sure they got their job on sure merit -- if I accept a (say) black one-legged lesbian to do my job (say, brain surgery) I'd have to be extra brave here to trust them, no?

This positive discrimination BS is pure poison :(