Thursday, May 14, 2009

William Hill say UKIP will thrash Labour and slash odds

From William Hill
BOOKMAKERS WILLIAM HILL believe that UKIP will end up with more seats at the forthcoming Euro elections than Labour. And Hills offer Even money that UKIP - who won eleven seats last time - will get mopre than 7/4 shots Labour - who had 19, with a tie between the two offered at 3/1.'The current expenses scandal could hardly have come at a worse time for the major Parties with the Euro elections on the horizon and we believe there will be a strong protest vote against the bigger Parties together with a hefty stay-away percentage of voters' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.
The bookie always wins right? They wouldn't be doing this if they didn't seriously think they'd lose a fortune. Would they?
Via UKIPwebmaster comment in previous post


Submariner said...

Bookies don't gamble, Dizzy, at least not when they are doing their jobs properly.
They will constantly adjust the odds on each runner according to how much money has been placed on that runner by the punters, and being sure to maintain a house percentage in the mix.
At its simplest, if there are five runners, and equal amounts are being bet on all of them, then you set them all at 4:1. The question of which one the bookie thinks might win is completely irrelevant.

In reality of course, this is all very good marketing and PR for the bookies so expect to see more stories about how the odds are moving towards the off.

Anonymous said...

Madness. As PBC shows, while bookies may know something about horses they know a fair bit less about politics.

I will eat my hat (and lose a few nicker) if a party that is in collapse, at war with itself and whose elected representatives are in the main expenses cheats beats.... Labour.

jailhouselawyer said...

Graham Sharpe authorised my bet with William Hill that all or the majority of prisoners will get the vote by the next General Election. £20 @ 20/1.

You cannot even get a bet odds on now.

What has changed the bookie's mind?

Jabba the Cat said...

Give the public fury with mainstream politicians it would not be surprising if the fringe do extremely well in the toy parliament elections.

John Demetriou said...

Bookies generally adjust odds on where the money goes. It's a game of maths for them.

They wouldn't change the odds even if they had inside info, because so long as the money is going in a certain direction, what matters is creating an over-round book and making a profit. End of.

Anonymous said...


Rocksteady Eddie said...

Once more people get to hear about the odds will totally change, as the only pan-European party and the only party not smeared by any scandal they are the only party who can make your vote count. so if you want to make more than a protest vote and you believe the EU should be democratic, accountable and transparent then is the logical choice. check us out at

Cato said...

If UKIP does well at the European elections it will increase the pressure on the Tories to actually take some action to reduce the power the EU has over us, not just talk about it. They are making the usual anti-EU noises now, but we shall see what they actually do once they have won power.
They don't seem to realise how popular a campaign to cut the EU down to size would be. Polls show that a large proportion of the public wants to leave the EU altogether, and replace it with a free trade arrangement. Once a major political party starts campaigning on these lines, they would see a huge upsurge of support.

ButcombeMan said...

On a straw poll in my pub tonight 80% of people were going to vote UKIP as a protest. They cite "Brown", "Labour" & MPs, in -mostly that order.

Twig said...

They ought to take "postal votes" into account, that is usually an important contributor to Labour's total as was proven in Glenrothes.