Thursday, May 21, 2009

When did Brown decide to change the slogan?

Now here'a little discovery I found particularly amusing. If you pay attention to politics you'll be aware that the slogan dividing line that Brown has tried to create is "real help now" versus "do nothing". They even set a Government website up with the same slogan at

However, it seems that, perhaps, that wasn't always the planned name, and they were far more optimistic, and then events overtook them. Take a look at the configured name of the web server when you go to Methinks they were hoping the situation would be different when they first thought of the idea of an aggregator saying how brilliant they were.

Did hopeless optimism come crashing to the ground resulting in a name change? Expect, if there are any real or perceved "green shoots" the phrase "recovery and jobs" to become the new meme. Don't expect it too soon though.


Grumpy Old Man said...

Any suspected green shoots will most likely prove to be swamp slime.

This Observer said...

This is hilarious! Well spotted!

Plato said...

Great spot Mr Dizzy.

They just don't get teh interweb do they?

Not a sheep said...

That is a seriously great spot.

Unknown said...

Optimism of the day:

(the timeline of Britain's economic crisis doesn't end!)

Siberian Tory said...

Congratulations Dizzy, nice spot.

You can bet Gordon is on the phone now trying to lodge a complaint with the internet.