Thursday, May 28, 2009

One Man and his dog?

Until today I never heard of the United Kingdom First Party which appears to be a splinter-group from UKIP - SPLITTERS!* I have thought just received a leaflet informing me that Robin Page, former presenter of One Man and his Dog is standing for them in the Eastern Region.

Apparently he is committed to only going to the European Parliament when its in Britain's interests to do so. Given that he acknowledges 80% of our laws come from there though, I guess that makes such a commitment little more than rhetoric.

At this point I should probably make a joke about dog whistle politics, right?
* The United Kingdom People's Popular Front would be a better name surely?


Disco Bicuit said...

"Where's The United Kingdom People's Popular Front?"

"He's over there"

dizzy said...


Rocksteady Eddie said...

For people who are interested in Europe and making it work for the people try
If you want democracy accountability and transparency then try the Libertas rap go to you tube in search type libertas rap and prepare to be amazed! at what some people will do to get your vote, thats me in red by the way.
Eddie and Tony for Yorks and Humberside

Reg said...

What have the Europeans ever done for us?

Carlos said...

Dizzy, from now on, I shall call you Loretta.

davidc said...

reg asked 'what the europeans ever done for us '?

they agreed you could have a baby !

silas said...

"People they call Europeans, they go the house"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Robin is hoping voters will come round to his way of thinking.

I'll get my coat.