Thursday, May 28, 2009

Libertas girl-on-girl lesbian action?

Highly amusing, but if you type Libertas into Google and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky" you won't end up at the political party's website, but rather a lesbian shopping site called Diva Direct. The book section is apparently sponsored by Libertas, which just so happens to be the name of the UK’s "leading authority on lesbian literature".

I'm now wondering if the girl below from Libertas (the party) has kissed a girl and liked it.

Image sourced from Guido
Via email


Rocksteady Eddie said...

As long as they can remember to sign on to the site after they catch their breath, it doesn't matter.
For those interested in the Euro erections! slip of the tongue honest, no thats not right either.
anyway back to politics make your vote count and if you have'nt seen it yet go to you tube and in search just type in Libertas Rap. enjoy and make your vote work for you.

dizzy said...

I'm starting to get truly sick of Libertas astroturfing

Rocksteady Eddie said...

Did you enjoy the libertas rap?

Survive Recession said...

Still can't quite top the good old "I'm feeling lucky" result when searching for French military victories - everyone knows that one, right?

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure who libertas are...but the name reminds me of Kilroy's short lived Veritas.

As such they won't be getting my vote, naked blue ladies or not.

Danny said...

No it doesn't. (Least not for me).

Charles Crawford said...

Isn't your title a tautology? Can 'girl-on-girl' be anything other than lesbian, and vice versa?

I think it pays to be scrupulously exact in writing about such important matters!


anteater said...

libertas the lesbian bookshop has been here longer than libertas the naff party. Im cross they have pinched the name for their boring brand of politics.


Doktorb said...

You'll be getting all sorts of search engine traffic for this, Dizzy!