Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If there were zombies in London would the Met tell us?

I ask because the Boston Police, when asked, said they would.

Now, amusing Twittering overs, I;m quite impressed with Boston Police departments openess such as
SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE: One Boston Place, Bomb Squad responding, avoid the area.

TROLLEY ACCIDENT: Commonwealth Ave/South St, Brighton, 3 persons with minor injuries, expect delays.
Sound nasty huh? Seriously though, a really useful use of Twitter. Shame I don't live in Boston though.


Croydonian said...

I'll make the obvious joke, as no else has yet - London is awash with zombies, judging from what I've seen in these parts.

Dr Evil said...

Lincolnshire is a bit dull though :-)

JMB said...

I have always said that if AQ managed to let off a small atomic device in London then all that we would be told by the Metropolitan Police would be that there had been an "incident" and motorists would be advised to avoid Central London.

brad said...

very nice & interesting. good luck

William said...

You'd love the seafood!

Simon Cooke said...

West Yorkshire's finest have been twittering for some while now

Clarence Dass said...

Twitter would have made 28Days later go down a lot easier.

Jim: Woke up 'balls out' naked... where is everybody?

Selina@Jim: Stay in doors!

Military@Selina: The answer to infect is here!