Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free lightbulbs for Willets?

You have to admire a business that uses MP expenses at a way of promoting it's business. I've just received a press release on behalf of RS Components saying they;ve offered him "30 free energy efficient lamps" so he won;t need to change any lightbulbs for another 11 years.

It goes on to note that there is a potential tax payer saving of millions if all MP’s lamps are changed. Presumably of course they'd really like them to buy them from them!


T' old 'un said...

"energy efficient lamps" are particularly suitable for MPs.
Like MPs they are very, very dim, use up very little energy. and you always feel you are in the dark with them.

Twig said...

The Tories should make sure they only put up MPs who know how to replace a light bulb.

That'll sort the wheat from the chaff.

davidc said...

rs components are an excellent company - wish i could say the same for mr willets and energy efficient