Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Do you like dags?

For the fear of being called a racist I shall avoid using any derogatory terms, but I have just spotted a response from Tessa Jowell about the provision for those coming to watch the Olympics that made me go "oh God, that's going to end in tears". When asked about caravan provision for Olympic spectators Jowell said,
There are no plans for spaces for recreational caravans in the Olympic Park. However, we recognise that motor home and caravan users may wish to attend the 2012 games and we expect that, closer to the time, the Olympic Delivery Authority will wish to follow up initial discussions it has had with the Caravan Club to explore the potential for games-time integration of public transport provision and licensed caravan sites.
What's the betting that sites are set up, probably along the Thames Gateway on both sides of the river, and whilst some of the users of the site will go home, others may get a license and then just stay, along with a burnt out car and a load of Staffordshire bull terriers?

Saying this, it wouldn't make somewhere like Purfleet look any more or less of a hole. Cynical? Moi?


Anonymous said...

Margaret Becket?

Constantly Furious said...

Approving nod for the discreet film reference.