Friday, March 27, 2009

No credit, no hat tip from C4 News

Well I guess I should be flattered having two things nicked in a week. It seems Channel 4 News last night "broke" my exclusive from yesterday morning. No mention of me emailing them my story yesterday morning though - yet.

C'est la vie!

Update: Well I did get an apology saying "Sorry, was going to" but then that position changed to "oh we got the original email to and it wasn't from your site".


Plato said...

Judging by the number of stories that appear in the MSM that started life as a press release, they must be delighted to surf around the blogs for stuff to pinch.

It really is shameless to miss a credit - still guess your name and shame policy will eventually catch on.

Perhaps you should stick that on your Twitter feed!

Oldrightie said...

They were also miffed at being forced by us bloggers to run with Hero Dan. Snow and Draper were a right pair together! Snow embarrassed by Scruffy.

The Grim Reaper said...

You are Guido Fawkes and I claim my twenty pounds.

kinglear said...

Dizzy - I thought you were by the pool? Why aren't you getting a tan?

Anonymous said...

See you have a plug in da reg as well

Anonymous said...

Maybe this will cheer you up, Dizzy.....

Anonymous said...

Or this one, perhaps?

Puerile, juvenile, but still funny!

T'old 'un said...

"C'est la vie!"

Non, Monsieur, c'est la press.

Benjamin Cohen said...

Just to clarify, we were going to mention it was on your blog, but as we also got sent the email we didn't.

The point is our story examined the implications of the email, rather than the message itself, only publishing one line of it. And remember the email was sent to everyone with a email address and was also sent out by their media office to anyone that enquired.

We work in a totally different time scale to a blog and needed rights of reply and expert comment. I was initially working it up just as a tv story. But I'm happy to clarify that Dizzy was indeed the first person to publish a copy of the email.

The article at is very different from your post

"...An email was sent to staff warning them about the virus which included the following request:

'We therefore ask that if you are running a PC or portable computer not authorised to be on the Network that you take it off immediately.'

This implies that it has historically been the case that laptops and other computers have been able to connect to the parliamentary network without prior authorisations, virus checks or firewalls. This is highly unusual; most companies allow only secured computers to plug in.

When Channel4 News repeatedly asked parliament why this was the case, we were told that the spokesperson was unable to answer the question.

When Channel4 News asked why he couldn't answer the question, we were told: 'I'm not authorised to answer why we can't answer the question.'

Rob Cotton, CEO of NCC Group:'For the parliamentary network to have to ask all unauthorised computers to be taken off its network is, frankly, embarrassing.'"

Best as ever