Friday, March 20, 2009

Bikers set up secondary protest site against Tories after legal website takedown?

For those that don't know, there has been quite a long standing campaign going on against the Tory Council in Westminster about parking charges for motorbikes. The No To Bike Parking Fees has been having protests outside CCHQ and is planning one in Victoria Street at the end of the month outside Labour HQ.

What I didn't know until just now is that the campaign used to have a forum but after legal threats from Westminister Council it was forced to closed - more info here.

Thanks to the joys that is the Interweb they have moved to America and set up a site at


Sue said...

Home Office fails to shut down a single extremist website in two years

But it will leave Islam Extremist Websites up and running!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to the demo on 31st March. A 2 minute silence could be on the cards next to the cenotaph as a mark of respect to free parking and free speech

Anonymous said...

Quote: Recording phone conversations with customer service staff and posting them on the internet. It is an
offence under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (Ripa) to record a phone call if the
recording is passed on to a third party.

More use and threats of terrorism legislation for non terrorist 'crimes' I see.

Anonymous said...

Anyone calling this website extremist, clearly, has never been in it. The website or the people running it, have never condoned any illegal or threatening behaviour towards anyone. It was a plain and simple forum and as such it attracted a lot of people, unhappy at such blatant robbery. Westminster brought this anger on themselves. When unjust taxes like this have been brought on, everyone reacts in a different way.
The recording was taken off the website following e mails exchanged with Westminster and as far as all were concerned, that was the end of the matter, or so we thought. One thing we didn't take into account was how childish and low some politicians who run Westminster are prepared to go, especially when they try to divert attention from the mess they made and their lies to get this thing started in the first place.
One thing is for certain; This tax makes no sense and has to go!

Anonymous said...

I was a regular visitor of the No To Bike Parking Fees forum and everyone there was really well behaved for a public forum. There was NOTHING illegal about it. Anything questionable was removed immediately by the forum moderators. Westminster City Council doesn't agree with freedom of speech so Danny Chalkey used bully-boy tactics to try and intimidate motorcycle and scooter protesters but there is no was the demonstration will be cancelled. I'll be there on 31st March 2009!