Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why use a Job Centre when there's eBay?

The 23 year old Frenchmen on the right is an unemployed management graduate who has decided, after five months, 300 applications and 20 interviews to take the more extreme route into work. He's auctioning himself on eBay and currently he at €1050.

Apparently he is practical, inexpensive and low maintenance. Nine days are left of the auction so will have to check back and see what he eventually went for.

Hat Tip: Croydonian


T England. Raised from the dead. said...

Off topic Dizzy but I wondered why we haven't heard much about it, unless I've missed it somewhere!
Bloggers Get No Respect: Dirty Bomb Edition

Bloggers respect other bloggers, but it seems like journalists in the old media are embarrassed to admit when they were scooped by someone in pajamas doodling around on their home computer. For example….

Linda said...

Oh dear, I fear he may attract the wrong kind of bidder and end up being a sex slave for an old Joan River's look alike with long red nails and a Playtex girdle pulling in her ample middle! Purr!

Anonymous said...

Or Mandelson.

Anonymous said...

"practical, inexpensive and low maintenance"? Have you ever MET a Frenchman?!