Friday, February 13, 2009

When a rat is cornered it strikes?

How amusing that a motion like this should be tabled in Parliament at a time when MPs are constantly facing hassle about their own expenses.
That this House believes that all banks which have received public funds and in which the British taxpayer now owns more than 50 per cent. of their value should be governed by the same Freedom of Information rules as Parliament; and calls on the senior management of these part-nationalised banks to publish their receipts for expenses in full.
If one was truly cynical one might think that the words "lets make those bastards be the story instead of us" crossed somebody's mind huh?


Shaun Austin said...

For a sec, I was expecting this to be a post about Draper!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping he's taken up my challenge. If he has, 6 more Draper-free days!