Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nail. Head. Hit.

I meant to post this rather tasty comment from the House of Lords the other day but forgot. It was said by Baroness Deech and it illustrates a beautiful point.
No one can accuse this House of not focusing on the distressing situation in Gaza. In the past 12 months, there have been 161 Questions and Statements about Israel, Gaza and the Palestinians compared with, for example, 33 on Sri Lanka and 24 on Tibet.

I mention Sri Lanka in particular because noble Lords will be aware that recently there was a well attended protest in Parliament Square about the terrible attacks on the Tamils, the hospitals under siege, the killing of 70,000 people and the many more thousands who are trapped and displaced from their homes.

This has attracted little opprobrium and no calls for the obliteration of Sri Lanka or talk of its brutalisation.
Hear hear!
Hat Tip: The Fink


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