Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lembit and his Sinclair-ish obsession?

Lembit Öpik really does love those silly Segway things. He's got not one, two motions tabled in Parliament about the bloody things (here and here). I guess it's the least he can do given that the company gave him a free one last month.

I don't know why though, but whenever I see a Segway I just think of this.

I hate to say it but the Sinclair C5 was a flop but at least it looked cooler than a Segway.


Anonymous said...

The C5 was well cool. I still think if Sir Clive "I'm a genius, in Mensa and everything, me" Sinclair hadn't had the brilliant idea of launching a skinny-wheeled open-top tricycle in January it might not have been such a catastrophe. And I still want one.

As for Optrex receiving a free Segway before tabling motions in the house about the things, I'm sure it's all just one of those crazy coincidences.

Anonymous said...

Segway would make more money if they stuck a chair on it, and sell it to the disabled .!

their media marketing monkey needs to be fired .... Its not true that any publicity is good publicity , ask Gerald Ratner ....He just looks a complete tool on it ... Why would anyone want to look like lembick ?

Shouldn't this be lembicks F1 moment ?

If I was sinclair , I would have put a 1000cc yamaha sports in the back of the C5 and made it tilt into bends ,making it go like the clappers ... would have sold like hotcakes then...innit !

Anonymous said...

Neither one of these objectionable artifacts gets even remotely close to the near-perfect machine that is the bicycle.

Anonymous said...

Actually, tankus, the bloke who invented the Segway did just that. The whole gyroscopic balancing act comes from his design for a wheelchair that lets disabled people "stand up". Normally, it's an ordinary-looking four-wheeled chair, but at the press of a button it all sort of unfolds and rises onto two wheels like the Segway. Very impressive.