Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's all a big conspiracy!

No.. I'm not talking about left wing bloggers convinced that anyone with anonymous comment is arguing with themselves, I'm talking about Liverpool fans. Am I gloating because I'm an Evertonian? Well perhaps a little, but I received an email last night that has lots of quotes in it by anonymous Liverpool fans saying Steven Gerrard is innocent and, most amusingly, this one, allegedly from a spokesman for Liverpool fans
"This is just another derogatory media campaign against us by one of the tabloids that shall remain nameless. We're all just innocent victims in this yet again."
Yes, that's right, Gerrard and Liverpool fans are just the target of a media campaign by a "tabloid that shall remain nameless" that'll be the Sun then. The email then links to a Free Steven Gerrard campaign with some rather amusing comments for and against.


Anonymous said...

I remember Joey Barton being charged with similar offences, and I can also remember Liverpool fans everywhere reminding us all that you are innocent until proven guilty and reaching out in support to the Geordies... and then I woke up.

I wonder if the media, especially the football pundits, will be as hard on Gerrard, if he is found guilty, as they were on Barton. In fact, I don't wonder at all.

Watch The Guardian's sports site for entertainment on this... it is the home of fake Scousers (you know the type... "My Father comes from Muswell Hill-on-the-Wirral, yah? Ian Rush was my neighbour, 210 miles down the street")

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Well I am a Liverpool fan, but I hope he gets the book thrown at him. No excuses! We don't have the full facts, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to defend him because he clearly needs to grow up and follow the example of the other, more mature players who you never see in the press. He has a responsibility not just to his club, but more importantly to his family and he shouldn't have allowed himself to get sucked into this situation regardless of whether he's found guilty or not. He's a bloody fool!

In saying that, Everton still suck the big one and always will.

Happy New Year Dizzy!

Anonymous said...

When people become rich and famous they live in a different world, and mix it in the real one at their peril. Whatever the truth of this matter, any Premiership footballers out on the razzle in ordinary bars for a night are always and inevitably at risk. It has happened time and again and will happen in future unless the Clubs can keep their players away from places they should not be at or do not need to be at.

Cath said...

Come come now Dizzy tis in the nature of footie fans to take sides and gloat. Tis part of the pantomime of football and we all love it.

My Lord Elvis if we don't know the facts how can we conclude that we should throw the book at him?

Happy New Year from the top of the league!

Anonymous said...

If he's found guilty as charged, then I hope he's in for a serious sentence that fits the crime as opposed to a few hours picking up litter in a park accompanied by a couple of hundred of the media's finest.

In reality he will be represented by an extremely expensive lawyer who will get him off with a lightly smacked wrist. The lawyer's fees will probably be met from the 'Gerrard is Innocent' fund set up by loyal supporters.

tory boys never grow up said...

If a member of a profession such as the law or accountancy were to be found guilty of assault they would normally be kicked out of their professional body and lose their job. It is diffcult to see why the same shouldn't apply to professional footballers who are role models for the young. Sadly, I doubt that such ethics apply to modern football - and Everton are in no position to gloat - remember who employed Duncan Ferguson shortly after he was put in prison for his on the pitch assault.

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson was right. He should go to Liverpool and withdraw his apology. I doubt that anyone in Liverpool accepted it when it was offered.

Elby the Beserk said...

I'm a Citeh fan, and 'Nyted are just the same. Ferguson. I rest my case. Foul mouthed lout, such an example to others.

Met Busby many years ago 1960s. Absolute gent. Most 'Nyted fans don't know that had City not signed him, he would not have become 'Nyted's manager. Nor do they know that when he fell on hard times, late in life, it was City who helped him out. As 'Nyted did with the families of the Munich crash (RIP), they turned their back on him.

Why? Because he had already had an application to emigrate to the USA accepted. Changed his mind, and joined City.

Elby the Beserk said...

on Barton - best bit of business City have done in decades, selling him to the Barcodes for £5+ million.

Tee hee