Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Is Tony Benn removing the signs then?

I see the Queen's Speech contained the news that there will be a bill brought forward to create open access for all members of the public to the coastlines of Britiain. I wonder if this means the Envitronment Secertary Hilary Benn has agreed with his Dad to remove the "no public footpath", "private garden" and "please do not trespass" signs at their family home of Stansgate Abbey Farm in Essex?

UPDATE: Apparently the Government intends to "strengthen Parliament" which is kind of funny given the news fo the last week etc etc.


The Creator said...

It is an invariable rule of thumb that this government always means the precise opposite of what it says.

So of course it wants to 'strengthen' parliament.

James Higham said...

All members of the public but all sections of the coastline too? What about the 30% of the coastline with no known access?

Anonymous said...

We already have that in Scotland.

Are you saying that the rest of Britain is following on?

haddock said...

any bets on " reasons of security" as an excuse to keep the public away ?