Monday, December 08, 2008

The Future of Politics

Today a report is being launched by Orange called the Future of Politics. The report includes contributions from a number of MPs and others including, Iain Dale, Tom Watson and Douglas Carswell. I'm not going to do a lengthy post on it because I've actually written a piece on the report for the next issue of Total Politics which I will post when it is published.

In essence the report proposes some ideas which are very workable in terms of using technology. The underlying conclusion is that the use of collaborative tools has the potential to make politics more engaging with a larger and wider audience.

Personally speaking I think the potential is most certainly there for this. I am however slightly sceptical of about whether it will increase engagement or whether it will just give those of us already engaged better means to talk amongst ourselves.


Anonymous said...

The success of such initiatives depends on how holl-hearted the effort to get them off the ground is, ultimately.

Funnily enough I doubt the government - or any government, really - would want the public to be more easily engaged with politics. Informed citizens are dangerous ones, no?

The Daily Pundit said...

The latter.