Monday, November 24, 2008

What he didn't say..... alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol duty up 8% from Monday December 1st - HM Treasury

Tobacco duty up 4% from 6PM this evening - HM Treasury

This is dirty maths I accept, but if the VAT cut is 2.5% but the duty cost is 8% and 4% respectively, it suggests that things are going up but have been hidden away.


J J said...

So if the VAT is going down and the duty is going up, What will be the difference?

A couple of pence either way! Which way?

Shopkeepers will just put the price up, and blame the government.
Fair enough I suppose.

Anonymous said...


That should be tomorrow`s headline.

Anonymous said...

The average family will owe £65k in government debt! (1,000,000,000,000/60,000,000*4)

Best get your Xmas booze orders in now

Anonymous said...

Don't they always with Labour budgets?

Anonymous said...

I'm inconsolable.

Anonymous said...

The VAT cut is 2.5% off the whole price, the alcohol duty rise is 8% on the alcohol duty only.

It looks like beer might end up with a penny or two less tax on it (if bought in a pub).

Alex said...

It all depnds on the alcohol content of your pint. Duty is charged per hectolitre (100 litres) of pure alcohol in your beer, so if your beer is so weak that the alcohol duty represents less than 25% of the cost of your beer, a 2% drop in VAT and an 8% increase in duty leaves you better off. If you are on Special Brew, then you are screwed.

Mind you, the VAT drop is temporary, the duty rise is permanent.

Anonymous said...

The 8 % is on the alcohol content, not the total liquid volume, so unless you like drinking 100 % proof you won't actually pay 8 %

(word verification for this post is "hylitax" - spooky or what ?)

Anonymous said...

Which serves to illustrate why 85% of the population want a much needed change from Nulabor duplicity and spin. It confirms their blatant contempt for those paying their wages - they're proven 'career spivs and fraudsters'.

Anonymous said...

That should put the ferry ports Stasi on the alert again then. An ounce or two of cheap baccy over the allowance and it`s confiscations, impoundments, fines, all the usual stuff the filth enjoy indulging in.

My contempt for the system is total.

Anonymous said...

And your petrol

Anonymous said...

Who will this hurt increase the most?? it's a poor man's tax - and very unLabourlike.

It's stupid and short sighted.

Anonymous said...

The NI increase is 0.5% on both employers and employees contributions, so it's a 1% increase really isn't it?

For the self employed the threshold for going from 8% NI to 1% NI has been shoved up by several thousand pounds too.

Darling's 45% tax rate might not be coming in until April 2011 but from April 2010, £100k+ earners get their personal allowance halved and £140k+ earners don't get one at all.

Looking at the full PBR the estimated costs are only positive in 2010-11 because they aim to save £5billion somehow, and in the following year another £5billion makes up the lion's share of the positive figure. HM Treasury have plucked those figures out of their arse to make it look better.

Chris Paul said...

Very grubby maths indeed Dizzy. The VAT cut is on the whole piece. The duty rise is only on the duty. Same difference to all intents and purposes. Neutral on actual price in the pub etc. Should be anyway.