Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The non-committal committal is born?

This morning, whilst driving into London in my 4x4 and happily polluting the planet there was a piece on the Today programme about the state of the american car industry and the big three, General Motors, Ford and Crysler wanting help from the US Government. They had some "expert" on who said (I paraphrase),
"I think it's clear that one of the big three will go and by that I mean either Ford or GM will buy them"
I thought it was a particular subtle comment to make and it made me snigger at how he expressed his opinion of the end game without actually doing so. We've heard of a non-denial denial, I'd call that a non-committal committal.

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Anonymous said...

I heard the same item, and to be fair he did qualify it a minute or so later by saying that 'Chrysler were probably the weakest of the threE'. What puzzled me was that the UK's University School of Motor Industry Studies (he was speaking for them)is in Cardiff. Coal yes, but cars ?