Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Labour MP caught telling fibs to constituents?

Interesting blog post about my former local Labour MP, Clive Efford (I've moved). The MP for Eltham sent a letter to a constituent saying that he couldn't possibly sign an EDM because he is a Parliamentary Private Secretary.

However, according to the House of Commons, who updated there list yesterday, he isn't anything of the sort. I just gave them a call to check the list was correct and they assured me it was. Meanwhile, the MP's office says he is PPS to Margaret Beckett. The Commons don't even record her as having one.

What's more, if one takes a look at his record for signing motions, he was doing so just eight days ago. In fact he signed two in October, and a few in July. So unless he's been promoted in the last eight days and been sacked yesterday (as the list was updated a day before the date of the letter) someone, somewhere is either telling porkies or he's been breaking the rules and signing motions when he shouldn't be.

Full exchange also available here.


John M Ward said...

Hmm. I have to admit I have never been much taken with Efford: he doesn't come across as being much cop.

I have taken something of a (small) interest in him because my mother's side of the family comes from living in Eltham for decades, in Middle Park Avenue, as well as other nearby places in Welling, Bexley and elsewhere in Eltham when the (five) children grew up. I have visited all those places on numerous occasions, so got to know the area reasonably well.

Dave said...

Politicians telling porkies?

isn't it a requirement of the job?

The better you are at lying, the higher up the greasy pole you climb. viz- Gordo, Mandy, chipmunk Blears, Jacqui Smith, Harperson, I could go on but you get my drift.

Even when they're caught red-handed they lie.

Politicians lie. It's what they do.

Bob said...

Can you ever trust a cab driver.

What a mug.

J J said...

You're lucky!! I live is Shooters Ward and he is my MP.

Roll on the general election!

Anonymous said...

Well he should be sacked just for Eltham...

They all do it though, the whole lot are dodgey as sin and the media never bother with it because they are 'in pocket'.

Run with this one Dizzy, get him to make a statement to the House and put him right in it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Labour MP is a lying scum cunt. Dog bites man. These stories are completely unsurprising.

These days I literally find myself confused if a labour politician says anything which sounds potentially true or sensible.

I used to think Cannabis should be decriminalised, but as David Blunkett tried reducing it's illegality rating, I'm beginning to wonder if everyone who smokes cannabis should be shot. Would take care of half the cabinet at any rate, which couldn't be a bad thing!


Anonymous said...

A Labour MP caught lying, is this news?

Word verification: torac - so close to toerag.

Anonymous said...

This is such a non-story. Slight error in standard letter from MP.