Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hotel spending follow-up

A quick follow on for a post I did a few weeks ago about how much the Home Office spent on hotel accommodation in a year. The Department of Transport has released figures and they're running a close second behind the Home Office. They managed to spend £4,735,014 on hotel accommodation in 2007-08.

Now, whilst some might think, given the eye-watering figures on borrowing in the last few days, that £4.7m might not be alot, when you add up the figures for this sort of spending across the board you start to appreciate how much money gets squandered every year in areas where savings good easily be made.


Letters From A Tory said...

I wonder how many of their employees settled for 3* when choosing their hotel?

Willie said...

I wonder whether we should be concentrating on the EU. Unless I am much mistaken there is no belt tightening proposed in Brussels and our "contribution" or better "tithe" remains outstanding and due. Should we not begin pressing for a shredding of the EU budget reducing workloads and costs everywhere?

Anonymous said...

We could only reduce VAT to 15% because of the EU. The ID cards and information register that will cost billions come from the EU. Regressive levies on fuel will be coming soon from the EU. The French are talking up more money for French farmers and a drive for localised food production. Competition laws for banks and car makers have been abandoned since the Eurozone got into difficulties as well.

Rules written in the good times rarely work when the shit hits the fan.