Friday, November 28, 2008

Green's Westminster computers seized?

Apparently Damien Green's Westminster computers have been seized by the Police now. I expect they'll lose them.


Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

You have GOT to see THIS

Anonymous said...

A Gary Glitter moment in the offing?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11.43

That is an outrageous and frankly despicable thing to say... funny though

Stop Common Purpose said...

This whole story is unbelievable.

Armchair Sceptic said...

This again vindicates David Davis's stance to force a by-election over Labour's assault on civil liberties. Jacqui Smith should resign over this despicable attack upon the freedom of our MPs, and upon our democracy.

Ben Gray said...

How on earth are they going to conduct their investigation without violating the confidentiality of an MP's correspondence with his constituents?

Old Holborn said...

It gets better

Announced Today by the BBC

Alan Milburn to set up "Civilian Security Force" using military trainers, civil servants, police officers, judges and other logistical staff.

Beware, The State is now arming itself against it's own citizens


Anonymous said...

Enough is enough of this bunch of crap Labourites,who deceive,manipulate,and distort every bloody thing in the UK.
Conscience does not exist in the Labour Party from top to bottom,and instead of posting comments all over the media press,and sitting at home at pontificating on the stinking state of the UK,its time to start marches in every town and city to show the condemnation of what OUR COUNTRY has become.
So Log this GCHQ,and the Home Office sycophants,because being in my seventies,I`ve witnessed and taken an interest in ruling political parties for 60 years,and we are now led by the dregs of society more than ever before.
believe me.