Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Brown loses PMQs by his crassness

Unbelieavble. Gordon Brown has just accused Cameron of using the death of Baby P for party political reasons and has refused to withdraw the remark. Hopefully it will be YouTube'd soon because Cameron said nothing party political and he's clearly really pissed off that he has been accused by Brown.

All Cameron did was ask a question about the complete failure of the local Council in the case of the child and Brown avoided the question more than once. When he was asked again Brown said "I regret that this has been made party political" and the place erupted. Labour MPs were cheering Brown on as well.

Brown and his whole side of the House should be ashamed of themselves. Truly, truly ashamed, but I doubt he or any of them will apologise and withdraw the remark even if the pressure to do so reaches boiling point. The man is an odious little ****.

Video from Sky News


Events dear boy, events said...

I am watching live and a huge mistake by Brown and he knows it. He sounds very nervy now. get him off the economy and he is useless and note worthy of the position he holds

Anonymous said...

Brown is loving this recession because he can talk statistics and cover up his failed policies.

But he couldn't handle powerful yet straight questions. He can only answer the planted questions.

A child has died for the second time under the same department and Brown tries to play politics with it. I've never seen a more cynical, gutless and cruel man at work.

Anonymous said...

Never in the History of Parliament
has the UK witnessed such deplorable Politicians strutting their stuff and spewing out rhetoric to save their power.
Its less than a week since we reflected on the brave and glorious who gave their lives (albeit as unknowing gun fodder for Politicians)so who really are these modern day Labour pieces of shit.
Simply devious,cunning bent,uneducated,sycopthants,withoutconsciences who pretend to be real MEN & WOMEN.
Reincarnate Guy Fawkes for God`s sake.

Anonymous said...

He will say anything that changes the subject away from him destroying the country and it has backfired.

Anonymous said...

An MP feel ashamed? Don't bet on it.

As an aside, it would seem to me that shame has been educated out of large swathes of the population. How can we learn from out mistakes if they are never pointed out to be mistakes in the first place?

John Pickworth said...

Howard, I've been thinking the same thing as regards the economy.

The Tories have been knocked a bit recently because they don't seem keen to chase Brown on the economy but I think its right of them not to (or at least not full-on).

The economy is busted whether Cameron offers his solutions or not. I'd tend to leave it alone and let Brown go down with the ship. However, like you say, Brown is VERY vulnerable in most other areas.

Brown deserved what he got today and its heartening to see Cameron kick him around a bit... the only sad thing is Brown still didn't answer the damn question!

J J said...

Gordon Brown twisting things to suit himself? Whatever next.

Richard Lowe said...

Dizzy, the video of the exchange is on the Beebs site here:

Dave said...

Not NuLab.
They know no shame

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought that he'd Lost his Head

Anonymous said...

Brown was certainly crass in the way he responded and there's no way Blair would have cacked this up so clumsily. But what on earth was Cameron doing? What a cynical little calculator he is. Odious. And as for that false anger - such good acting it reminded me of Blair!

dizzy said...

Hahaha if you can't tell when a person is genuinely pissed off you might as well give up now.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown just reminded thousands of people of the reason why they detest him so much. Brown is emotionally dysfunctional. He has huge personality flaws which were highlighted yet again today.

Tony Blair for all his faults would have fully engaged with DC on this issue - on a human level.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha actually, Dizzy, you are right. Dave was genuinely angry that his integrity was smeared. He'd never seek to use a case like this for his own political advantage. Never ever. How dare that nasty man Brown suggest otherwise. In fact, Brown's the one who's playing party politics. Yeah, you're right, Dizzy, absolutely right.

Hey, we should go for a drink some time.

Martin S said...

WHY did Brown immediately leap up and lie, acusing Dave of playing party politics?

Could it be that Brown knows that someone in the local Labour Party should catch some flack over this dreadful case?

John Pickworth said...

"Could it be that Brown knows that someone in the local Labour Party should catch some flack over this dreadful case?"

More likely he knows he will catch the flak... and nobody must be allowed to blame the Gordon for anything.

dreamingspire said...

As an astute 21 year old young lady, and another near 30 year old have respectively said to me: "Brown lacks charisma" and "I hate him when I see him on TV". But watch the events in the Lords... Brown could have simply said that they got the report that morning and will respond later, and then sat down.