Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brown continues to avoid the questions on tax rises

Having just watched a bit of PMQs I see that Brown continues to lie to us all by the act of ignoring the question and quotes that are put to him. No one seriously believes that borrowing more now does not mean tax rises in the future. Not even members of Brown's Government who have said it on the record.

However, Brown's technique appears top be to simply ignore the question and avoid admitting that he will have to put up tax as a result of his "borrowing bombshell". Brown also seems intent on insisting that the whole problem is all America's fault.

Whilst it is true to say the storm began there, Britain's protection against the winds that blew across the Atlantic are clearly weak because he Brown, when Chancellor, consistently got it wrong with his own figures. As shown by the graph below which I posted earlier. Borowing has consistently risen under Brown whilst Brown consistently stood up in the House and said it was going down each year.

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The bottom line is that Brown is going to have rise taxes when he borrows to reoslve the problem. Personally I think he has written off the next election and is taking the long term strategy that he will try to ensure the Tories have just one term by inheriting a mess that won;t be fixable in just four years.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent graph (sad eh!). Shows very clearly Broon's fantasy numbers. When you add in 2008's you are going to have to rescale the y axis.