Thursday, November 13, 2008

Be afraid......

Watch out for the tell tale signs


Anonymous said...

Cat? Cat? Dirty, filthy, smelly creatures. I wouldn't have one in the house... they spray up the curtains and scratch the furniture. Damned things used to crap all over our garden and kill the birds too - then we got a Staffordshire Bull Terrier! Now I wake up to the sound of birdsong.

Anonymous said...

We have a cat - a long-haired musci-loving chap.

He adds to the insulation of the house by placing large clumps of fur all over the carpets.

He sleeps on my dressing-gown to stop it attacking me during the night.

He walks out of the sitting room when the old man plays big band jazz, but sits with us happily for the whole evening when grand opera is the choice of entertainment.

He brings in a wide selection of wild life for us to play with - we still don't know how he brought in a live and uninjured fully-grown magpie through the catflap this summer.

Life is never boring with a cat.

Jeremy Jacobs said...