Monday, November 17, 2008

BBC apologises to smokers

The BBC, specifcally BBC Radio Northampton has had to issue an apology to the smokers pressure group Forest after a presenter compared smokers to alcoholics. It was during a discussion of a local council decision to bar smokers from fostering.

During the discussion, the presenter Bob Walmsley compared placing a child with foster parents who smoke to placing the same child with alcoholics. He went on to say that smokers were unfit parents as well. Walmsley issued an apology stating, "I gave an opinion comparing alcoholics to smokers. This was an unfair comparison to make and if this has caused offence I am genuinely sorry about that. It was not my intention."

In a press release from Forest, Neil Raffety welcomed the the apologise but noted that "Bob Walmsley crossed the line and exposed his own prejudice." Absolutely. I am a smoker and I smoke outside the house when my little boy is there.

Unfit my arse.


Dave said...

"Exposed his own prejudice" did he?
I think he was expressing the gummint's line that your body is no longer yours. With Gordo pressing ahead with "implied consent" it seems to me that they want a supply of untainted organs to harvest.
Why else would they encourage the proles to breed and the NHS to experiment on new medical procedures?
They will be selling your organs to the highest bidder

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the apology, I'll let my mum know