Saturday, October 04, 2008

Which one should be Biff?


Anonymous said...

Doc Brown looks overjoyed at being stood right behind Mandy McSly. Perhaps their affections have been rekindled over their tea and jaffa cakes Michael Crick said they enjoyed in February.

A strange decision really. Is Brown admitting that he needs their help, that the old ways work, or just bringing in Blairite human shields for all the shit that might hit the fan?(Particularly if he can blame an election defeat on them.)

There was footage on the telly of Mandy walking into the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and being received by an applauding throng.(Complete with some bloke geeing them up and then bringing it to a halt. It was not spontaneous.)

I thought the Civil Service were meant to be impartial?

John M Ward said...

Er, who is in the "man-oo-er" and hates it? Who is the bully?

I think Gordon should really be Biff, rather than being Doc.