Sunday, October 12, 2008

More nationalisations on their way?

According to the Observer this morning "Trains, water and power may be next in line for a bail-out". I just can't help feeling like the current financial difficulties of banks is providing perfect cover for the wholesale renationalisation of the means of production. "Bail-out" is becoming a euphemism for "nationalisation" it seems.

It's worth remembering what nationalised industries were really like though. Anyone remember what it was like before BT were privatised? It tooks months to get a phone line and you had to rent a handset from BT. If a company fails then it does not need to be taken under Government control, it needs to be sold to somewhere that will make it work.


Alan Douglas said...

Time to head for the exit.

I hear Russia offers quite a good package for free thinkers, as well as low housing and living costs ?

And they do a great cocktail called "Sex in the Dacha" !

Alan Douglas

Anonymous said...

I'm old enough to remember that you didn't have to wait as long as everyone else for a BT installation if you could combine an obliging engineer and some cash in hand!

Robert said...

Well you want tax payers money somebody has to come up with a reason, when you see America nationalizing companies, this is not nationalization like we know it or use to know it, but a reason for the money to go into banks without having somebody like Peter Hain paid a few million, do you remember the old days of Nationalizations Ministers us to give up and head for a privatized company get paid lots and lots fuck it up and retire.

Anonymous said...

According to Chancellor Brown the problems started in America. It's all them Yanks using our gas isn't it. And they're so fat they use two seats on our trains but only pay for one 'cos we're too polite to complain. Them damn septics at Starbucks have been using all our water too.

What a bloody joke the UK has become.

Why on earth does a utilities company need re-capitalising? They make enormous profits! Or have they, like Dorset County Council and Dorset Police Authority been lending money to failing foreign banks?

"... former cabinet minister Peter Hain has warned."

Whatever happened to the epithet 'disgraced'?

Letters From A Tory said...

Why would trains need a bailout? If they want to give up their contract then fair enough, but why on earth should a government help a private company that cannot attract enough customers because of their below-par service?

Lola said...

Oh Gawd No!

Elby the Beserk said...

Where is the parliamentary process in all this?

Indeed, what is the point of parliament any more? Couldn't we save a stack of money by shutting the place down, and leaving it all to Brown? (No nonono!)