Tuesday, September 23, 2008

U.S Constitution auctioned on ebay - payment in goats accepted

What a bargain!

The Sales Blurb:

America is having a fire sale! We've dusted off all our old documents we're not using anymore and this includes the U.S. Constitution. Due to the forced bailouts of private companies by the U.S. taxpayer we can no longer afford the storage of our documents. Our loss can be your gain!

Written in 1787 and drafted mainly by James Madison it is now only on display as a quaint relic. Notice the detailed handwriting presenting the noble concepts conveniently ignored by the Federal government. Use it as a patch to block cold wind from blowing in! Have it be a conversational piece in your home! Use it as a bookmark! Don't like the Tenth Admendment? Forget about it and write your own! The possibilities are literally endless. Act now and we will throw in the Federalist Papers for free! Shipping is free! No refunds and no returns. Trust us, we don't use it anymore!

Please pay in EUROS only since the dollar will soon be worthless. Or an alternate method using the Biblical bartering system. Goats accepted.

Hat Tip: Rojas at The Crossed Pond

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Shucks, I was just about to bid for it but then noticed that shipping is not an option, only local pick up allowed.

Who the hell wants to visit Topeka, seems like it is only good for growing spuds.

Mind you I know of a bunch of goats, presently in Manchester, that I could use for payment.