Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Observation

If you're a junior member of the Government and you openly call for a leadership challenge against Gordon Brown by asking for conference nomination papers (which happens all the time according to the bunker and so is nothing to worry about) then you get fired. What a great show of strength by the leader.

If you're a senior member of the Government and you call for a leadership challenge in code by positioning yourself as the only person that can save the fortune of the governing party then you're kept in your job and everyone including the leader says that there was nothing wrong with what you did. What a great show of strength by the leader?

The question is, what will be the next move? The vultures are clearly circling for the gathering conference which might actually make it mildly interesting. The other day Ben Brogan noted that Miliband will have to make the speech of his life too at conference since his newspaper article. I'm left wondering upon what the rest of the beauty parade for the conference will be like.

Will the likes of James Purnell make their move and position themselves against Harman and her call for class war at the TUC? What will the Fringe event hold as former big beast choose to speak more candidly about how they feel? Will Nick Robinson spot what is happening?


Obnoxio The Clown said...

This is the next step.

Anonymous said...

Harman is soooo old fashioned. I quite like Purnell. And I think David Miliband is pretty dishy...

I hope the next general election offers a reasonable choice to voters.

Cameron is 'winning' by default at the moment - and that's not really good enough.

Newmania said...

I am looking forward to your views on this Dizzy.I `m suprised in way there is not more interest