Friday, September 26, 2008

New Tory Website goes live

Hopefully I may have some technical details about it shortly.


Anonymous said...

I've taken a look and whilst it has a flashy new look, it's a step backwards in terms of standards.

It doesn't validate against any HTML standards, it doesn't comply with even level A of the WAI accessibity guidelines.

Anonymous said...

I should add quite a few pages look strange in Internet Explorer 8, I hope they get those fixed soon.

Letters From A Tory said...

In terms of style, it's clean and very accessible. It does look basic but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

This is ok - but I think Labour's is better. New Tory site doesn't really have any tools for users - it is very pretty though

New site wise labour>Tory>Lib Dems

Anonymous said...

I'm sure links like this shouldn't appear in search results

Also interestingly try using IE7 and then IE6 and read the different slogan at the top of the page. IE7 (and every other browser) read: It's Time for Change and IE6 says: Plan for change