Friday, September 26, 2008

Man sues doctor for amputating his penis

Oh yes, really. A guy went in for a circumscision, the doctor says he found cancer so he thought it best to cut the guys knob off. The guy then woke up and presumably said "WTF?!? Now I won't see it even if I'm really thin! I'm suing the wanker because I can never be a wanker again!"

What amazes me is how the news presenters didn't laugh. Watch the video, not even a titter. What professionals!


Dominic Allkins said...


Anonymous said...

I am also seeing an advert on that page for "how I lost 28 pounds in just 2 months with no dieting"

Dave said...

Obviously wanted to die wanking.

Anonymous said...

"Obviously wanted to die wanking"

But now just dying for a wank.