Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is this party political?

I don't know whether you could consider this party political, but having read Government press releases for a while now, it is not usual practice to make mention of political parties in them. Especially as V is a Labour linked charity.
Only asking, not saying it is. Just suprised me to see reference to Labour in a Government press release.


Alex said...

I am just surprised that anyone thinks an item of clothing is made more valuable, or even "famous", by having been worn at a party conference, let alone a Labour Party Conference, let alone by Mr or Mrs Brown at a Labour Party Conference.

Anonymous said...

You missed reference to Labour Party, and didn't Sarajh wear a skirt (rather tha dress) ?.

See for grey top, black skirt.

So, she lies concerning her first public appearance as a political prop!.

I'd pay more if I could get her damp knickers, as she seemed to enjoy herself immensely

The Grant Maker said...

Borderline I'd say. Factual, and by being so explicit about it's hard to claim that it's "party political" rather than mere reportage.

Anonymous said...

Of course its party political.

This lot think there's no difference between the State and the Labour Party, which is as I remind you according to their 1997 Manifesto, "Nothing less than the political arm of the British people as a whole".